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31.03.2017 15:29

Name Generator

One of my favourite things about being an author is designing characters, especially choosing their name. So I decided to write a name generator.

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01.09.2015 17:29

'My Babysitter is a Troll' - Out Now in Paperback

You can now buy my book for younger children, My Babysitter is a Troll, for Kindle and in paperback. Every time a potential babysitter arrives, there's something decidedly wrong with it.

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11.02.2014 10:56

Three hundred primary school children writing and publishing their own novel

Today, I issued a press release about the monster book that I'm writing with 300 children throughout the UK.

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02.01.2014 10:53

Children - would you like to publish a book?

In just four days' time, I will start writing my next monster book with help of children everywhere. If you'd like to take part, the first task will be to create a new species of monster.

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30.11.2013 19:09

Keep Calm and Say Yarb

An important public service announcement (for trolls).

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30.11.2013 12:38

Which is better, reading The Trollogy or the Separate Books?

There are three Smelly Troll chapter books to read. But should you buy them separately or purchase The First Trollogy?

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15.11.2013 10:37

Dear David Walliams

Dear David Walliams, I want yer to interview me about being a smelly troll. What do you smell like?

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10.11.2013 19:43

Troll Name Generator

I have created a page that generates random troll names, places and smelly. Simply go to the Troll Name Generator to read a brand new random troll name. Or input your own name to find out what you would be called if you were a troll.

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18.10.2013 16:18

Thanks to Foxhole School For Welcoming Me Along for the Afternoon

Many thanks to the staff and children at Foxhole School for welcoming me into their library yesterday afternoon. Special thanks to the children who made me presents of pictures.

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08.10.2013 18:06

Snotacular Travel Game (For Kids and Big Kids)

Want something funny to play on long journeys? How about making up snotacular place names?

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Keep Calm and Say Yarb ~ Make Boglewax Not War

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